Winter Breiteben

Take a break

Our newly constructed hut, surrounded by forests, meadows and mountains, is located at an altitude of 2,034 metres in the middle of Stelvio/Stilfserjoch National Park above Fontana Bianca/Weißbrunn in Val d’Ultimo/Ultental Valley.

The territory belonged to the farms of Oberhof, Flumhof and Steinhof in St.Gertraud and it is said that it was sold in 1816 because of famine. The owner of Breitenberg farm in St.Walburg bought the ground for 120 Star Korn. 1864 it was sold again and a farmer from Mittelberg bought it. In 1977 a new hut was built. (The following information was taken from the book “Die Ultner Almen”, written by Gottfried Oberthaler).

In 2014/2015 the hut was restored once again and now we have enough space, also for large groups.

On request we plan different events and we aim to fulfil your every wish. We will spoil you with mouth-watering traditional dishes prepared with regional products. Hot dishes are served all day long and you can savour them in our cosy “Stube”, a traditional South Tyrolean dining room with a stove.

When eating on our sun terrace you can enjoy the silence of nature and the view over the surrounding mountains like the “Hasenohr”. At the same time you can observe different grazing animals like calves, ponies, pigs and of course cows and goats. The latter are very important here because they provide milk for our dairy.

Each morning the shepherds get up before sun rise to gather the cows together and to bring them back to their cowshed, where they are milked. The fresh warm milk is immediately processed in our dairy.

Our cheese is made in the following way: Slowly warm the fresh milk until the whey separates from the cruds. Approximately after one hour the crud is removed. Different handling techniques and salting affect how the curd is transformed into the many cheese varieties. Pressing determines the characteristic shape of the cheese and helps complete the curd formation. Then cheese wheels mature in our cellar until they become the best Alpine cheese. We produce handmade hard cheese as well as butter, cream cheese, yoghurt and buttermilk.

Try out our own creations, which are prepared with loving care.  

The Fiechter cabin can be reached by different hiking trails. People with disabilities have the possibility to drive to the hut by car if they bring their handicapped ID with them.