Winter Breiteben

Hiking is...

The Stilfserjoch National Park offers an infinite number of extensive hiking trails in unspoilt nature. You don’t have to be a top athlete to reach the Fiechter cabin. You have different possibilities: if you want to come with a baby buggy you can take the forest road, otherwise you can take a more challenging track. You can park your car in the free car park at Lake Weißbrunn or in Sankt Gertraud. From there a daily shuttle-bus takes you up to Weißbrunn.

You can combine your visit to Fiechter cabin with a long hiking tour, the four-lake-trip or scale one of the surrounding peaks. For example the Nagelstein peak (at 2,469m) a 1.5 hour’s walk from Fiechter cabin or hike for 3 hours to reach the Gleck peak at an  altitude of 2,958 m.

Different possibilities of walking-tours to Fiechter cabin:

Moderate – difficult level of walking-tour from Weißbrunn to Fiechter cabin

Start your way at the car park in Fontana Bianca/Weißbrunn on the path number 140. Having passed Weißbrunn Alm turn left and take path 103. After 500m cross the bridge of Grünsee stream and now the track goes slightly uphill along a rocky slope. At the end the trail goes steeply up and leads you along Falschauer stream till you reach Mittlere Weißbrunn Alm. From here onwards you should take path number 107, cross Falschauerbach again, following the track you come to a hill top and to the beautiful Lake Fischersee.

Going over the dam wall you can enjoy a magnificent view over Lake Weißbrunn. Before the path goes downhill to Fiechter Alm you will reach a lookout point: take some minutes to marvel at the amazing nature. A stone’s throw away, lies our Alpine hut, where you can finally relax. For your way back to Weißbrunn you can either take path no. 101, a steep shortcut, or you can take the forest trail, which snakes its way down.

Duration: about 2.5 hours, 6.2km, 460m in altitude difference

Direct hike from Weißbrunn to Fiechter Alm

Start your hike at Lake Weißbrunn and follow the walking path signs to Fiechter alp, then hike along the lakeshore. After 15 minutes, track number 101 branches off to the right. The narrow and steeply upward climbing shortcut is tree and fern-fringed and takes you directly to our hut.

Duration: 20 minutes

The easy alternative, also manageable for sturdy baby buggies

Start your hike from the free car park at Lake Weißbrunn and follow the sign to Fiechter alp. The broad forest trail leads you along the lakeshore and it is do-able for every ability level. When you reach a parting of the ways, you can either stay on the forest trail or you can take the almost flat track on your right, which is an adventure for your youngsters because it leads through rock faces and small streams cross the path. This way is manageable also with baby buggies, even when it is a bit bumpy. Not long afterwards you reach a bridge: cross it and get back to the dusty forest trail. From now on, way goes slightly uphill, passing larches, pines, meadows in bloom and cows lying in the grass. Moreover you are rewarded with a breath-taking view over the rustic Ultental Valley. About 45 minutes later you will reach our Alpine cabin. Take the same route for your way back.

Duration: 45 minutes, 3.5km, 134m in altitude difference

Moderate – difficult level of walking-tour from S.Gertrude/St.Gertraud to Fiechter cabin

You can park your car below the church or in the village square of St.Gertraud. Then go back to the last hairpin bend, where the route starts. After 200 metres take path 107 and now the most exhausting part of the hike, a one-hour ascent, begins. After this, you reach a flat area with a small natural pond and soon afterwards the Fiechter cabin at 2,034m. Once at the hut, you are rewarded with the stunning view across Ultental Valley. Your way back you can continue along the small trail no.107, which takes you to Lake Fischersee in 20 minutes and from there to the Unteren Weißbrunnalm and to the main road. Go along the main road and after 15 minutes the track to the famous Pilshöfe of St.Gertraud starts on your right. Hike along it till you reach the village of St.Gertraud.

Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes, 517m in altitude difference


Not too exhausting but really worthwhile is the four-lake-trip with starting point at Weißbrunn and a stop at Fiechter cabin. Again you can park your car at Lake Weißbrunn and follow the track number 12/140 in the direction of ‘Höchsterhütte’. Your first destination is Lake Grünsee at 2,529m. The path winds uphill through larches and meadows. After a 2-hour ascent you arrive at an Alpine refuge at the picturesque Lake Grünsee. It is quite possible to see some sheets of ice there at the beginning of summer. Once there you are rewarded with an impressive view over the surrounding mountains and peaks like Hintere Eggenspitze and Zufrittspitze in the background, which are remnants of what once was a huge glacier. Below the hut follow the signs for walking path 12 ‘Ultner Höhenweg/Langsee’ and cross the dam wall. From now onwards hike along the almost flat trail to Lake Langsee. Explore the beauty of nature that seems like something out of a wonderful dream. Track no.107 takes you over Alpine meadows downhill to Lake Fischersee, situated at an altitude of about 2,000m. A sign at the dam wall indicates the direction to Fiechter alp. For the last time you have to go slightly uphill before you reach the cabin, where you can enjoy the panoramic view over Ultental Valley and savour delicious Tyrolean dishes. The steep track number 101 brings you back to Lake Weißbrunn.